I need a haircut

A stereoscopic camera explores an immersive digital space, allowing the spectator to panoramically observe his immediate location thanks to virtual reality. In this environment where only the gaze is free to move, a data center and a barber salon coexist. A radio broadcasts the Introit and Kyrie of Verdi’s Requiem, one of the musical pieces that Gerardo Gentilella used to play in his barber shop in the New York Stock Exchange, where for 43 years he gave traders haircuts until his shop closed on June 30th, 2006. In March that same year, Archipelago Holdings, a fi rm specialized in high frequency trading, merged with the New York Stock Exchange to form NYSE Arca, a “for profit” company.


credit Rachel Van de Meerssche, Labex Arts H2H
credit Rachel Van de Meerssche, Labex Arts H2H


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