Lose or draw

This serie of videos showing the creation of islands in differents stragtegics video games map editors, presents a way to take possession of a territory by drawing it. All those islands are for now the theaters of territorial disputes between nations: Senkaku islands claim by Taïwan, Japan and China; Island of Sarengrad claim by both Serbia and Croatia; Tuzla Island claim by Ukraine and Russia; Dokdo Islands claim by Japan and South Korea. All videos are accessible on this playlist.

Lose-or-draw_Tuzla-Island_-Galdric-Fleury_Antoine-Fontaine_fleuryfontaine Lose-or-draw_SarengradIsland_-Galdric-Fleury_Antoine-Fontaine_fleuryfontaine Lose-or-draw_Dokdo_Liancourt-Rocks_-Galdric-Fleury_Antoine-Fontaine_fleuryfontaine